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Master's Programme in Micro- and Nanotechnology

Micronova teaching


TKK units at Micronova teach the following Majors: Micro- and Nanotechnology, Photonics and Electrical Physics. An important part of the education is the instruction in modern experimental techniques.


International Master's Programme

TKK Micronova is responsible for the International Master's Programme in Micro- and Nanotechnology, since 2004. Practical training at clean room processing environment is an essential part of the programme.

Micronova teaching

Postgraduate Education

A main priority in teaching is the education of postgraduate students for the degree of Doctor in Science (Tech.). This involves the participation of the students in the research projects of Micronova.


Teaching of Basic Courses

TKK at Micronova teaches also basic courses for freshmen, sophomores and juniors, including the basic courses in physics and semiconductor technology for the electrical engineering students.

Teaching activities most closely related to the Centre include the following courses:

Introduction to semiconductor technology S-69.2101
Semiconductor technology I (device physics) S-69.3102
Semiconductor technology II (microfabriation) S-69.3103
Semiconductor technology laboratory I S-69.3107
Semiconductor technology laboratory II S-69.3103
Electronic sensors S-69.3104
Microsystems technology S-129.3210
Microsystems technology laboratory S-129.3220
Nanotechnology S-104.3610
Nanoscience I (introduction) Tfy-125.4001
Nanoscience II (hard nanomaterials) Tfy-125.4002
Nanoscience III (soft nanomaterials) Tfy-125.4003
Nanoscience IV (bionano and nanomedicine) Tfy-125.4004
Nanophysics and technology Kyl-0.4108
Nanomaterials microscopy Tfy-125.313
Optoelectronics S-104.3310
Photonics and integrated optics S-104.3410
Physics of optical communications S-129.3310
Laser technology and optics Tfy-125.321
Laser physics Tfy-125.422
Modern optics Tfy-125.423

Courses to be updated as soon as new information is available.

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